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DSCN0586The founder, Priya has lived on 3 continents, and currently resides in California.
Sporting a petite frame and exuding a great vibrancy, she is surrounded by trays of exquisite jewelry and haphazard piles of strands in every hue.

"I seek to create statement jewelry that combines ancient influences with traditional craftsmanship and audacious design." 




“When you are passionate about your work, you find inspiration everywhere.  Flamenco dancing and whirling dervishes can translate into a swish and sway of tassel earrings.

A shiny Art Deco diamond bracelet is reminiscent of the edgy glitter of the New York  skyline.  The sensuous curve of a Turkish dome is reflected in a half circle of burnished gold used in a necklace.  A crescent moon studded with diamonds and suspended on a string of dark sapphires is pulled straight out of a night sky and onto the neck of a beautiful woman.

"I bow to the genius of the jewelry and fashion ateliers of our time..

...and to the simple craftsman who sits on the side of a dusty road, hewing jewelry out of wood, bone and recycled materials.

“History captivates me.  Exploring distant lands and civilizations has taught me that the creative process knows no limits and transcends all boundaries of time and space.

"Color and majesty can be found everywhere!"


 Priya also redesigns old and inherited jewelry, giving it a bold, modern interpretation.  One thing led to another. With sixteen years of sustained experience within the design industry, Priya’s working knowledge of jewelry translated into a full time career with a rapidly growing clientele of discerning buyers.  This exciting transition was accompanied by a deep desire to study the history of jewelry and gemstones and to be trained in the mechanics of jewelry making.


It all began with a passion for gems and a lasting affair with pearls.  “The intrigue and allure lies in the fire and ice like quality of contrasting color and texture.  Look closely and you will discover the play of shadow and light, dense opaqueness and liquid translucence, birthmarks, mottles and veins. There is such perfection in imperfection.”

"Today, we work directly with our in- house team of master craftsmen, in India and the United States. Each piece of fine jewelry is expertly hand crafted in the timeless tradition of master jewelers."



Priya’s design integrity is rooted in creating limited pieces using natural gems with a luxurious vibe.

“My designs are coveted by women who want jewelry that is organic, undeniable in impact and realistically priced."

The collection is  influenced by the splendor of Mughal  jewelry,  Byzantine opulence, and the geometry of Art Deco. 

“I find it impossible to subscribe to any one aesthetic.  I love the exuberance of Baroque just as much as the simplicity of Minimalism. 

Asymmetry - the idea of an off center orientation for jewelry is a design schematic to which I wholly subscribe.

Infusing new concepts and marrying them to antique and vintage looks
is what excites me.” 

Moderately stated:
"As a brand, SIVA Jewels , has established a firm footprint,
and has gained recognition for its
“majestic simplicity”.

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