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The founder, Priya has lived on 3 continents, and currently resides in California.

Sporting a petite frame and exuding a great vibrancy, she is surrounded by trays of exquisite jewelry and haphazard piles of strands in every hue. Her knowledge and willingness to share information is 
spontaneous, thoughtful and effortless. 

As a child, growing up in erstwhile Bombay was a lesson in glamour and refinement at an early age. 
My mother and her friends were always impeccably groomed and wore mostly diaphanous French chiffons or chanderis wih understated designs of gold and silver woven in, with a modest piece of stunning old Jadau jewelry. 
These "Modern day Maharanis" radiated confidence and timeless elegance.  
Words that are sadly missing from the vocabulary of the nouveau riche culture i now witness in the land of my birth. It was considered the height of poor taste to ever mention the price of what one wore, unlike the proud, loud and sassy proclamations of "personal worth" and unholy sums of money spent on clothes that are a shocking assault on my senses today.

Heritage and culture shape ones aesthetic sensibilities in every way.
There is a 'je ne sais quoi' about the Romance of the past that captivates me...
perhaps that is why my jewelry designs whisper of it.

My love for all things old, worn and uniquely beautiful was fueled by my Sunday sojourns to Chor Bazaar with my father. Here i would rummage through dusty shelves piled with exquisite little empty attar and perfume bottles, fake jewels crystal lamps and curiosities of all kinds.  Oblivious to how all of this was shaping and honing my aesthetics and contributing to a growing knowledge and understanding of form and color and texture that would lead me straight  into a career in creative design, product development and merchandising. 
Much in the same vein of browsing antique stores, spending countless hours in the jewelry shops of Florence, Istanbul, London, New York ignited an enduring passion for gems that soon translated into a full time career designing Jewelry with a rapidly growing clientele of discerning buyers.
This exciting transition was accompanied by a deep desire to study Gemology.
Dedicated to her purpose, Priya is now completing her Graduate Gemology certification at the Gemological Institute of America. 

"I complete each unit of study and technical training with the overwhelming realization that there is no end to the knowledge required to achieve mastery within this bewitching and complex realm of gems and jewels."

There is thrill in the acquisition of gemstones used in a piece of jewelry.

Even these inanimate gems tell a story, possesses a vitality and energy.  The colors breathe life and reflect the grandeur and abundance of nature.

Look closely and you will discover the play of shadow and light, birthmarks, mottles and veins. 

There is such perfection in imperfection.

Much like tracing the genealogy of an individual or a tribe there are clues, obvious and hidden as to the identity and source of each gem or antique jewel. And the "detective work" at play is exhilarating with a few surprises along the way.

"I  am in awe of the arduous journey a gemstone takes from the depths of the earth, to the hands of a miner, a dealer, a cutter, a craftsman and finally to the owner."


The creation of a gem and the making of jewelry is an incredibly transformative process, not much different from the lives of the extraordinary women  I have come to meet and know.  Without hyperbole, every one of us is on a perpetual journey, continuously being shaped and formed, buffed and polished, examined and judged.

There are as many facets to an extraordinary woman as there are in a gem.  These angles and reflections have the potential to captivate and mesmerize or simply TO BE...
intrinsically, brilliantly YOU.
Doyenne?   Virago?  Purist?   Adventuress?  Modern Maharani? Tycoon?


“When you are immersed in the creative design process, you find inspiration everywhere, else it finds you!"

Flamenco dancing and whirling dervishes can translate into a swish and sway of tassel earrings.
The geometry of  a glittering Art Deco diamond bracelet can reflect the architecture of the of the New York  skyline.    

Exploring distant lands and civilizations has shown Priya that the creative process  transcends all boundaries of time and space. 

"Majesty can be found everywhere."


Jewelry is an attitude and it is as much about how it makes you feel , as it is about how it makes you look. 

Jewelry does not have to be a luxury.  Beauty should not be saved for special occasions.
Wear uncommonly beautiful jewels everyday for that kickass feel and look. 


Priya's design integrity is rooted in creating limited pieces using natural gems with a luxurious vibe.

“I find it impossible to subscribe to any one aesthetic.  I love the exuberance of Baroque just as much as the simplicity of Minimalism."  

Asymmetry - the idea of an off center orientation, irregularities and imperfections hold enormous appeal for me, as they mimic nature.

An integral part of my business is the redesign of old, inherited jewelry, 
giving it a more contemporary interpretation or simply making it more comfortable to wear.  
We take these pieces of jewelry into our workshop with extreme care and understanding of the sentimental value at stake.


At SIVA, we work directly with our in house team of specially appointed artisans, both here at home in the United States as well as in Jaipur and New Delhi.  Each piece of jewelry is carefully hand crafted in the timeless tradition of master jewelers.

Modestly stated:
As a brand, SIVA has established a firm footprint,
and has gained recognition for
"jewelry that makes the emotions dance"

Copyright Siva Inc.  All rights reserved.


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